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Siku Njema Kesho is a community-based organization (CBO) registered by Social Services and Gender Office since June 2014 in Nakuru, Kenya.




A self-sufficient Kenyan community in which support from outside is no longer needed.



To empower local communities by providing their children with education and health care services.







1. To enable children from less privileged families in Kenya to achieve their full potential by providing access to education including essential resources so that they can grow up to be independent but socially conscious individuals and participate in sustainable development of their society.


2. To reduce factors hindering children in Kenya from accessing education and pursuing their career goals, such as but not limited to: hunger and lack of basic needs caused by poverty, limited access to medical services and information on disease transmission and family planning, lack of safety and shelter, challenge of overcoming long distances to existing educational and health facilities due to poor infrastructure, lack of emotional support after trauma and/or abuse.


3. To raise environmental awareness and promote sustainability while developing or advancing farming and other skills.



Vision, Mission & Objectives

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