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Outreach Programs

COVID-19 Relief

The current COVID-19 crisis has severely impacted vulnerable households across Kenya, including the families we work with. Many have lost their only sources of income due to the lockdown and COVID-19 measures, such as restaurant closures, and we want to keep them safe by providing them with what's needed to feed their families. Schools are still closed, putting additional pressures on families whose children usually stay at boarding schools.


Since April, we have supported our families with unconditional cash transfers and food packages to help them meet their daily needs. We have also provided them with key information on how to best protect themselves from contracting the virus.


For families with safe access to markets, we are providing unconditional cash transfers of 30-60 USD depending on family size. Others receive a package worth the same amount, including grains, rice, flour, salt, sugar, soap and other essential items. 

We recently provided our first grant to a mother of four in Kibera, Nairobi. This will support her in setting up a small business to ensure she does not have to rely on cash transfers in the long run.

Holiday Outreach

Did you know that December is one of the toughest months for many families?

With school fees to pay for the upcoming term and high prices during the holidays, many families struggle to make ends meet at the end of the year. Our annual outreach program addresses this challenge, and we have provided over fifteen families with support in the past two years. Distributed in sustainable and re-usable bags, these packages include items such as maize flour, tea, salt, sugar, cooking fat and soap.

Interested in supporting us but uncertain about committing to a long term sponsorship? Support our outreach programs with a one-time donation. Or why not give your loved ones the Christmas gift of supporting a family during the tough holiday season!

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