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Community Development Program

Believing that it is more sustainable to support the ideas of community members rather than imposing outside ideas of development, we initiated a second project that relies on partnership and participation through community meetings, individual interviews and surveys.


We work with a group of households in the outskirts of Nakuru, who lack access to means to store rainwater for domestic use. Responding to this need, we collectively started a project that will bring water tanks to each household. Besides a contribution of 25% of the funds needed for a tank, every community member participates by undergoing training on rain water harvesting, setting up a foundation for the tank and participating in income generating projects.


As part of the income generating projects, our group was trained on making jewelry with Maasai beads. The items are sold to raise funds for the water tanks, the profit goes 100% back to the community. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing some of our jewelry.


Project Objectives:

  1. To facilitate community development by actively engaging the members of the respective project community while creating sustainable projects that are not entirely dependent on outside donors.

  2. To promote agency among the community by seeking their participating and commitment through active contribution to their project.

  3. To reduce expenses on water by 80% for each household.

  4. To increase sanitation and hygiene through the provision of water tanks to store safe water.

We completed our pilot program in January 2018, and are currently assessing the impact of our project. 15 households have received a 5000l water tank and over 60 individuals rely on water in these tanks for daily use.

Check out our ANNUAL REPORT for feedback from our members!

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