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Hellen Mwangi
Chair and Social Worker




As a certified social worker, Hellen Mwangi is in charge of identifying our families and keeping close contact with them. Hellen's dream of giving less privileged children a home and future is the basis for Siku Njema Kesho.

Orginally from Germany, Celia first came to Kenya in 2013. After spending a year in Nakuru, she moved to the United States and the UK to complete her degrees. Celia regularly returns to Kenya, managing the organization as the director, and she has also worked on  projects in Uganda, Tanzania and Nepal.



Celia Breuer

Co-founder and Director



A teacher by profession, our secretary Mamu is our project manager on the ground. She conducts most of our surveys, ensures everything is going smoothly with the sponsorship project and keeps the organization together overall.

Miriam "Mamu" Mwaka
Secretary and Project Manager



Caroline Mungai
V/Secretary and Medical Advisor



With her various qualifications in the medical field and having worked in several hospitals, Carol is our go-to person when it comes to the health of our families.

"My journey into getting involved in the set up of Siku Njema Kesho all started with a friendship between Hellen Mwangi and I. Hellen approached me about her dreams and ideas of how to help vulnerable children, and this was how the idea of a project like this started to grow in my mind."

Irene Caspersen



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