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SIKU NJEMA KESHO directly translates into a Good Day Tomorrow from Kiswahili, reflecting our organization's mission to achieve long lasting, positive change in Kenyan communities.


The organization and its vision came to life following the efforts of social worker Hellen Mwangi, who met Celia and Irene in early 2014. Seeking to provide vulnerable children with access to quality education and safe shelter, the three of us decided to start a project together and support a group of families in the outskirts of Nakuru town.


After a few months of meetings, research and most importantly, countless conversations with community members, we registered Siku Njema Kesho community-based organization (CBO) in June 2014. Later that year, our first two children received sponsorships to attend a local boarding school.

We believe in communities making decisions for themselves and we encourage our members to contribute to the agenda of our projects, from everything regarding the project focus to beneficiaries to budget.

Find out more about our TEAM and our PROJECTS here.

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